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Forex Cards: Usage and Benefits

What is Forex card


Considering a trip abroad?When traveling overseas, it’s simpler to exchange currencies without needing cash if you have a Prepaid Forex Card or Travel Card. The trouble of converting money at the airport, the volatility of exchange service providers, the disadvantageous conversion rates, and the possible risk of carrying cash are the primary reasons why travel cards are growing in popularity.

 So what exactly is a Forex card and how does it do its job? Let’s see.

What is Forex Card?

A forex card, often known as a foreign exchange card, is intended for people who live or travel overseas. Having this card makes it easier for you to carry foreign cash when traveling abroad. You can preload the card with several currencies, such AUD, GBP, SGD, USD, and CAD, depending on where you’re going.

Forex card

Forex card

Imagine it as if it were a prepaid card, which turns itself into an ATM card after loading, hence enables easy foreign currency transactions.

Types of Forex Card

Types of Forex Card

There are two types of Forex Card:

Multi-Currency Forex Card

Preloading it with multiple currencies may be possible depending on the specific card. Many cards that support many currencies are available from banks, financial institutions, and travel companies. Users can load the card with the currencies that best suit their needs.

Single Currency Forex Card

The single-currency Forex card is designed to be preloaded with a specific currency of your choice. It offers the flexibility of being reloaded whenever necessary.

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How does a Forex Card Work?

These cards function similarly to your debit or credit cards. It’s important to compare the forex card offered from several financial institutions before applying. A single or multi-currency card can be chosen based on the kind of travel you need.

At the moment of issuing the Forex card, the PIN will be provided by the issuer company, which you can change on the website or at the nearest ATM and later on you will be required to use the card in order to shop in any of the foreign countries through ATMs as well as merchant’s points.

After a successful transaction, the details are reflected in your overall card balance. Keeping an eye on your balance and transactions is easy with SMS alerts from your card issuer.

Even if getting a Forex card is a simple process, you should be aware that the issuer may levy additional fees.

Charges for Forex Card

Fees are contingent on features and card types and can differ across various issuers. It’s essential to be aware of specific charge categories, including:

  • Card Issuance Fee
  • Reload /Renewal Fee
  • Cancellation charges
  • Cash Withdrawal charges 

Benefits of Using a Forex Card

  • Start your journey with a preloaded card containing your preferred foreign currency.
  • You can choose from a variety of major currencies on forex cards including among others USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, AUD, SGD, and many more hence you do not need big bundles of cash every time you travel across borders.
  • Utilise the card for transactions at all locations accepting card payments.
  • Conveniently withdraw local currency from foreign ATMs using the same card.
  • Reload the card at your convenience through online channels whenever you choose.

What should you look for in a Forex Card?

Exchange Rate

Since the rate is fixed when you load your preferred currency, seek a card with the most competitive exchange rate.

Reload Facility

Your Forex card must feature an online transfer or ‘reload’ option for situations where you might exhaust funds while travelling. This is a significant distinguishing factor.

Multi-Currency Benefit

If your journey involves visiting multiple countries, this feature is particularly advantageous and simplifies your experience.

Safety Features

Opt for a chip-enabled Forex card to enhance security and safeguard against fraud, loss, theft, or misuse – making it the preferred choice.

Special Offers

Numerous card issuers, particularly banks, extend perks such as discounts, access to airport lounges, and shopping offers. Assessing and comparing these features is a prudent approach.

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Do’s and don’ts of a Forex Card

Do’s and don'ts of a Forex Card

Here are some do’s and don’ts of using a Forex Card:

Safeguard your card and PIN by keeping them secure.Refrain from sharing your card or PIN with anyone.
Regularly monitor the exchange rate and check your card balance.Avoid using your card at unsecured or suspicious merchant outlets.
Regularly monitor the exchange rate and check your card balance.Do not exceed the daily withdrawal limit.
Inform the issuer if your travel plans include a country not covered by your card’s currency list.Use caution when making pre-authorized purchases with your card, such as reservations for hotels or cars, as this could put a hold on your money for a lengthy time.
Exercise caution when using your card for pre-authorized transactions like car rentals or hotel bookings, as this may result in a prolonged hold on your funds.

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Best Forex Credit Cards of India in 2024

Best Forex Credit Cards of India in 2024

Here are a few best-curated forex credit cards in 2024:

Card NameJoining FeeTravel BenefitsForeign Currency
Niyo Global Card by Equitas BankNil Load in INR, spend in 130+ currencies worldwide.
No forex markup charges.
Access global ATM locators and live forex rates with currency converters.
IndusInd Bank Multi-Currency CardRs. 300 Extensive insurance and numerous travel perks.
Free airport rides (up to Rs. 1,000).Up to Rs. 3,000 off on sightseeing, experiences, and activities.
Rs. 500 off on processing charge, when you send money abroad.
No markup on preloaded currency transactions.
Cross-currency transactions incur a 3.5% mark-up.
ICICI Bank Forex Prepaid CardRs 499 15 Wallets of different currencies in a single Card.
Get a free international sim card for your travel abroad.
Lost Card/Counter Card liability coverage of INR 5,00,000.
3.5% of Cross currency markup fee
SBI Multi-Currency Foreign Travel CardRs 100, plus taxes Load the card with 7 foreign currencies.
No markup on transactions in the preloaded currency.
HDFC Multi-Currency Forex cardRs 500 plus GST Load 22 currencies on one card.
Utilizes contactless technology.
Enables currency shuffling between two.
Offers extra insurance and concierge services.
Shields users from foreign exchange rate fluctuations.
Kotak Forex CardRs 250, inclusive of GST East spreading in abroad
Hassle free cash withdrawal
Elimination the need of currency exchange
Thomas Cook Forex CardNil Benefit from competitive exchange rates with a Forex travel card.
Save money on currency conversion charges
Ideal for business travellers with multiple transactions in various currencies
2% currency mark-up
Axis Bank Forex CardRs 150 Earn 2 reward points for every $5 spent globally
TripAssist allows blocking, emergency cash, and assistance for lost passport
Enjoy 3 lakh insurance coverage on lost/stolen and counterfeit cards
Use the card at 30 million VISA outlets, 1,000+ e-commerce sites, and 10 lakh ATMs worldwide
After the trip, encash the balance, transfer to another account, or retain (up to $2,000) for future travels.


A reliable Forex card ensures a worry-free and seamless travel experience. It eliminates concerns about currency exchange issues while abroad. Additionally, many forex card providers present enticing offers, including cash-back incentives, discounts, waived withdrawal fees, and more.

Forex cards prove to be highly convenient. For further information, it is recommended to consult with a Forex card provider to address any remaining questions or concerns.


How long does it take to get a Forex card?

Apply effortlessly in three simple steps. Non-Savings customers can follow the instructions provided in the online Forex Card application form. Upon successful completion, your card will be delivered to your doorstep within three days. Opting for card personalization may extend the delivery time to one week.

How to apply for a Forex card?

You can apply for a forex card, with these simple steps:

  • The application form for the bank you’re applying for a forex card, it also requires the mandatory inclusion of your Aadhaar number.
  • Include a self-attested photocopy of your passport.
  • For non-customers, provide a self-attested photocopy of either the visa or ticket.

Can online transactions be done with a Forex Card?

Yes, forex cards can be used for online transactions and will not attract any cross-currency charges when used abroad..

Which bank Forex card is best?

List of the Best 10 Forex Cards in India for International Payments:

  • Niyo Global Forex Card
  • World Traveller Forex Card by Axis Bank
  • Axis Bank Multi Currency Card
  • Diners Card by Axis Bank
  • Forex Card by Thomas Cook
  • Multi Currency Forex Card by IndusInd Bank
  • Single Currency Forex Card by ICICI Bank
  • ISIC Student Forex Card by HDFC Bank
  • Foreign Travel Card by SBI
  • Multi Currency Forex Card by YES Bank

Can I withdraw money from a Forex card?

You can use a forex card in the same way as a credit or debit card to cover your expenses in the local currency while abroad. Access local cash conveniently from ATMs. 

By having a forex card in your possession, there’s no need to carry large amounts of cash during your sightseeing excursions in a foreign country.

Can we transfer money from a Forex card to my bank account?

Certainly, it is possible to transfer money from a forex card to a bank account. The process involves preparing necessary documents and following a step-by-step procedure to initiate a money transfer from your forex card.

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