About US

About US

Education is an empowering and a robust tool that honours the one who seeks it by heart and mind. FX Learn Pro is taking an opportunity to grant knowledge about myriad financial sectors to beginners, intermediate and experts.

We aim to endeavour the best information to our subscribers and create new traders and investors who are competitive for the market. The website is attempting to bring quality courses designed, structured by learned and the most respected faculties around the globe to imbue the values of trading.

The course is interactive and customised, keeping necessities of everybody in mind (newbies to veterans). Our courses give wings to the passion and enthusiasm of seekers and make them attempt higher goals.

After the completion of each chapter, we certify you with certificates to motivate and push you further. At the end of the course, there’s a bigger acknowledgement to your efforts.

Our Team

Olivia is a specialised researcher in forex, working in this industry since 2014. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Durham University, UK. Apart from carrying out research in Forex markets and related fields, she teaches finance to students in her neighbourhood. Since joining this company, she has analysed and tested 70+ brokers to provide relevant information to traders.

Karla brings over 16+ years of experience in the online brokerage industry. She is a finance graduate from Birmingham University, UK, and a forex market enthusiast. Being a true writing fanatic, she pens research-backed reviews for traders to analyse trading strategies and indicators. She has also authored a wide range of educational articles covering the forex industry.