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Metherworld: Exploring it’s Trading Expertise and Mcoin


Have you heard of Metherworld before? It is an Estonia-based crypto broker that offers trading with Mcoins. Known for using advanced blockchain technology and MLM business model, but is it the right choice for you?

Founded in 2020, Mether World has a grey reputation because of its unclear regulation. If you are lost about choosing this broker for crypto trading, you are at the right place. 

This overview will discuss the features that make Metherworld stand out. We also discuss the legitimacy issues with the broker. 

TRADING INSTRUMENTSForex and cryptocurrencies

Is Metherworld a Safe Broker?

Despite offering various features, the broker’s safety is questionable, mostly due to its unclear regulations. Moreover, we have found that Metherworld has multiple websites, which can mislead users.

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The platform uses the MLM business model through Ponzi schemes. But, it is a risky pyramid scheme that users must be aware of.

Pros and Cons of Trading with Metherworld

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It’s important to consider both the pros and cons before starting trading with Metherworld. We have listed some of Mether world’s pros and cons below: 

The minimum deposit is very low starting at $30The broker is not regulated 
The website claims to offer mether academy with many educational resources. Metherworld broker website lacks transparency on its spread, leverage, and other information 
It is associated with the Ponzi Scheme, a risky pyramid scheme. 

What is Metherworld Coin? 

Since Mether World is a crypto trading platform, the currency used for trading is coin, also known as Mcoin. The metherworld coin price varies as per the market valuation. The current mcoin price in India is 178.23 rupees

Metherworld Mcoin to INR conversion rates

Features Offered by Metherworld

Let’s explore the features that Metheroworld claims to offer. One of the standout feature of the broker is Mether Academy, which includes comprehensive educational resources. 

Mether Academy 

The broker has an initiative called metherworld which includes a Web 3.0 era program. It is the most recent internet generation which works on decentralised data as opposed to the current centralised one. 

Mether Academy

Through Mether Academy, the broker claims to offer the following benefits:

  • Community Building: By registering with the broker, you can connect with peers and conduct mutual discussions, chats, debates, etc.
  • Continuous Learning: Mether Academy will give access to the latest updates on forex, trading and other relevant topics.
  • Adapting Innovation: Develop a competitive edge by adopting the latest innovations in the trading world. You can enhance your skills through the comprehensive courses provided by Mether.
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Metherworld Web 3.0

The broker claims to be driven towards digital evolution and wants to incorporate and educate traders with the upcoming decentralized data-driven digital evolution of Web 3.0. Through this web 3.0 feature of Mether Academy, the broker aims to:

  • Educate people with upcoming market trends
  • Develop a growth mindset amongst traders
  • Build a community open for discussions and debates
Metherworld Web 3.0

However, its important to keep in mind that there is no details on the courses available on the website, hence raising suspicions about the broker’s claims.

What Packages Does Metherworld Offer?

The website claims to offer various packages catering to different needs of users. On this platform, you can select the package that best suits your capabilities. Let’s explore the Silver, Golden and Platinum packages offered by Mether. 

Silver Package

The silver package starts with a minimum deposit of $90, it is the least expensive package and the best option for novice traders. The package is further divided into different categories, which are: 

  • Basic package, starting at $90  
  • Standard package, starting at $270
  • Platinum package, starting at $450 

Gold Package

The upgraded version of Mether World’s package is the gold package, which offers certain extra benefits. However, the package starts at a high price of $900, increasing to $1800 and $2700 with Pearl and Premium packages. 

If you are an experienced trader looking for advanced tools to improve your trading skills, the package will be a suitable match. 

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Platinum Package 

The last package offered by the broker is the platinum package with advanced trading tools. You have to deposit a minimum amount of $10,800. 

The platinum package lets you choose from three different packages, Platinum, Master Platinum and Masters Pro, starting at $10,800, $2700 and $54,000 respectively 

How to Open a Metherworld Account?

Sign up for metherworld by following the steps given below: 

  • Once you are done with registration, open the website and log in to your account
  • Once you log in, you will find the Mether World dashboard with your account details. Now, you can trade, deposit or withdraw amounts after verifying your account through email. 
  • Once the information is verified, you can add funds to your account as per your requirements and start trading.

Deposits and Withdrawals in Mether World

Metherworld lets you deposit your money through a local e-bank transfer. Although it is the only option available, it is made pretty convenient for users. You can transfer your balance to different users from your dashboard. 

Withdrawals require the same procedure but do a $50 withdrawal limit set by the platform. You will also be charged with a 5% service charge.

Customer Services

Mether World offers customer support through the ticket-raising system. If you have queries, raise the ticket and wait for the assigned slot and time provided by the platform. In that assigned time, your concern will be addressed. 

Although your queries will be addressed, the process takes longer time compared to live chat support and instant contact. There are no other sources for customer support mentioned on the website. But we have found email and contact details on a different website. 

Metherworld website claims to solve customer queries through the ticket system, where you can raise a ticket, and resolve your queries, but it is time time-consuming and not suitable for traders looking for instant solution. 

Metherworld customer service

Mether World Mobile App

Does Metherworld have a mobile app? Yes, it does, and it supports both iOS and Android operating systems. You can download the app from here.

Metherworld app


Overall, metherworld can be deemed as a scam broker, because of the big red flag that it has no regulation. Moreover, the broker has multiple websites which can mislead people and trap them in fraud and scams. 

Lastly, the information available on the website does not include details on the educational resources offered, account details etc., which is a sign of suspicion. So after this careful analysis, we have come to the conclusion that this broker is a scam and we do not recommend you to trade with this broker.


What is Metherworld Coin Price?

The current price of Metherworld Coin (Metherworld सिक्का), also known as Mcoin, in India is 178.23 rupees as per the latest update on Coin Market Cap. 

What is Metherworld?

Metherworld is an Estonian crypto trading broker founded in 2020, offering a blockchain-based platform for cryptocurrency businesses. 

It provides features like Mether Academy, educational resources, and various trading packages.

What Time Does Mether World’s Market Open? 

As per the charts on Coin Market Cap, Mether World’s market open time is between 12 pm to 9 am. 

What is Mcoin?

Mcoin is the currency used for trading on the Metherworld platform. Its price varies based on market valuation.

How to log in to Mether World Account?

To log in to your Metherworld account, you must go to the platform’s login page, enter your credentials and press login. 

In Which Country Metherworld Headquartered?

Metherworld is headquartered in Estonia. 

Mether World Legit or Scam?

Metherworld is a scam broker due to unclear regulations, multiple websites, and associations with a risky pyramid scheme. 

So be cautious and conduct thorough research before engaging in trading activities with Metherworld.

What is the Mcoin Price in India Today?

The Metherworld Coin (Mcoin) price in India today, which is on 16th December 2023, is mentioned as 178.23 rupees as per the Coin Market Cap data.

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