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Why Trust Us

We at Fxlearnpro are here to help you find brokers you can trust with your hard-earned money and sensitive information. So, let’s have an open and honest chat about how we earn your trust.

Our Aim and Objective

We’re not just another face in the crowd; we’re an online resource with a purpose. We’re here to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to venture into the world of online trading. 

Over last 5 years, since the inception of FX reviews, we’ve helped almost 250,000+ traders find brokers that suit their needs. We’re passionate about what we do. We are striving to provide you with most accurate broker reviews. We achieve this by using a mix of our own tests and third-party data.

Tests and Review Process

We don’t take broker recommendations lightly. Each broker on our site goes through a rigorous testing process led by our team of experts. Our in-house process leaves no stone unturned. Additionally, we gather reviews from real users, relying on sources like Trustpilot and the App Store.

Risk and Regulation

Your safety is our priority. We want you to know the risks involved in trading and investments and how to reduce them. We only recommend and review brokers that are licensed and regulated. Without proper licensing, there’s no guarantee that a broker is taking your safety seriously. In other words, all the brokers we recommend are safe to use and closely monitored.

Relying on Third-Party User Reviews

We use a nifty tool that automatically collects user reviews from TrustPilot, the App Store, and Google Play. These reviews provide a broader view of what each broker offers. 

A Team of Experienced Professionals

Our team consists of professionals with experience in day trading, investments, online safety, and user protection. We understand what beginners need for a fair start and what advanced traders look for.