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Privacy Policy

• FX Learn Pro is committed to offering utmost safety and privacy to its visitors and subscribers of the website.
• The policy is applicable where our company has control of the website concerning the public’s data.
• We have access to determine the usage of personal data.
• When you use services of our website FX Learn Pro, you give consent to using cookies complying with conditions and terms.

Users Right
• You have the right to instruct and ask us for providing the personal information that we have with us. It is subject to receiving your correct identity proof.
• We can withhold your information as per the users’ permission in accordance with the law.
• You can ask us not to use any personal data or information for marketing purpose.

Cookies used by us
• Our cookies help in identifying when a user lands on our website
• It helps us in knowing who logged on our website.
• Cookies assist us in storing information and data
• These are used as an element of security and safety measures.
• Cookies help us in marketing and advertisement
• Cookie consent let us know your preferences.
• It helps us in analysing our performance and services.