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BotBro Review: Is It legit or a Scam (Unveiled)


BotBro Review: Is It legit or a Scam (Unveiled)

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Are you looking for effortless trading? Imagine having someone do the hardwork while you just enjoy the profit. AI-based forex robots like Botbro offer just that.

But how can you ensure the safety of your funds? By selecting the most authentic and reliable broker robot. This Botbro review discusses its features, pros ans cons and whether the platform is legit or fake.

It will cover everything you need to know about the broker. And help you make an informed decision. Check out the quick overview of Botbro’s features:

SPREADS Not Specified

What is Botbro?

Botbro is an AI-based trading robot that allows automated and hassle-free trading. Founded in 2021 and headquartered in the UK, Botbro is an unregulated forex trading bot.

Trading bots without regulation is risky and unethical. So, if you are looking for trading bots, it is advisable to opt for a regulated robot.

The Botbro claims to be made with 6 programming languages ad 80+ premium indicators merged with algorithms.

Botbro offers three different account types: Standard, Classic and Premium, tailored to your requirements. You can start live trading with a minimum deposit of $100 on a standard account.

Botbro offers an MT5 trading platform with advanced features and fast order execution.

Is Botbro Regulated?

We have found that Botbro is an unlicensed and unregulated broker. It makes the broker vulnerable to fraud and scams and questions its legitimacy.

A striking sign of a broker’s reliability is its regulatory status. Why would you choose a Forex bot that can potentially put you at risk? It would help if you instead opted for a regulated trading bot like Capitalix.

Our recommendation: Trading at BotBro Review: Is It legit or a Scam (Unveiled)

  • The MT5 platform is accessible through Botbro.
  • Botbro enables swift execution of orders.
  • Its tools and indicators facilitate seamless market analysis.
  • Botbro features an automated trading strategy.
  • There are six distinct programming languages to choose from.

Advantages and disadvantages of BotBro Review: Is It legit or a Scam (Unveiled)

  • MT5 platform is available
  • Botbro allows fast order execution
  • It’s tools and indicators can be used for easy market analysis
  • Botbro’s automated trading strategy
  • 24/5 customer support
  • 6 different programming languages are available
  • High-frequency robot trading for smooth trading
  • There is very little information on the website
  • Lack of transparency
  • Not available on MT4, You can check out Tradeeu to access MT4 platform
  • Limited Educational Resources
  • There are chances of technical issues in the future.

What Are The Account Types Offered?

Although Botbro is unreliable to trade with, it offers an array of account options! Botbro offers standard classic and premium accounts. The minimum deposit of each of these accounts is expensive, ranging from $100 to $2000+.

The perks you can access through these accounts are monthly profit, 24/5 support, live trading on MT5, instant deposit and withdrawal and multiple income sources.

Botbro allows you to sit back and let the machine do all the work. However, its dicey regulatory status can be a concern moving forward. Check out a quick account overview below:

Standard Classic Premium
Minimum deposit $100 to $499 $500 to $1999 $2000+
Customer Support 24/5 24/5 24/5
Platform MT5 MT5 MT5
Profit Upto 15% per month Upto 25% per month Upto 50% per month

How to Open a Botbro Account?

To open a Botbro account, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Visit the Botbro and click the ‘Open Account’ button. You will be directed to the registration page.
  • Step 2: Register yourself and open your account. Enter the relevant and authentic information and click ‘Register Now’. Also, enter the referral code if you have one.
  • Step 3: Now that you have created and verified your account. Go to the website and log in with your Botbro credentials.
  • Step 4: Once you have logged in, you will see the Botbro trading dashboard with all the relevant information. Now you can add funds to your account and start trading
  • Step 5: The final step is to select your currency and fund amount per account type. Log In

You can log in to your account by entering your User ID and Password.

botbro's login

Our recommendation: Trading at BotBro Review: Is It legit or a Scam (Unveiled)

  • The MT5 platform is accessible through Botbro.
  • Botbro enables swift execution of orders.
  • Its tools and indicators facilitate seamless market analysis.
  • Botbro features an automated trading strategy.
  • There are six distinct programming languages to choose from.

Botbro’s Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit required for Botbro trading is $100. You can start from $100 to $499 to gain access to Botbro’s standard account. Standard account lets you gain a monthly 15% bonus.

If you wish to invest more to earn maximum bonus points. Then, choose Botbro’s classic account, starting with a $500 minimum deposit or a premium account with more than $2000 minimum deposit.


The withdrawal information is not given on the website, which raises concerns for the customers and their funds.


Leverage is one of the core elements of trading, like bricks in a construction. Knowing specific leverage helps traders make informed decisions.

Unfortunately, unlike other broker platforms, Botbro does not offer a specific leverage. There is no information on Botbro’s leverage, but it offers smooth and quick execution speed.

Don’t be clueless about your leverage usage, explore alternatives like Equiity to gain specific leverage.

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Trading Platform Offered by Botbro

The Botbro platform has its own pros and cons. On one hand, they offer the MT5 platform, which has advanced and user-friendly features, fast order execution, and tools and indicators for market analysis.

But on the other hand, the broker’s regulatory status is dicey. It has a low website transparency, and high minimum deposit. The website claims to offer plenty of MT5 features. Still, its authenticity remains unclear.

Trading Platform Offered by Botbro


Unfortunately, Botbro fails to provide any information about its spreads leaving users in the dark about what to expect.

Although Botbro claims to offer competitive pricing, the lack of transparency raises concerns about the legitimacy. If you are looking for competitive and specific spreads, you can opt for Investfw

Company Details


  • Forex



Customer Service

Our recommendation: Trading at BotBro Review: Is It legit or a Scam (Unveiled)

  • The MT5 platform is accessible through Botbro.
  • Botbro enables swift execution of orders.
  • Its tools and indicators facilitate seamless market analysis.
  • Botbro features an automated trading strategy.
  • There are six distinct programming languages to choose from.

Customer Support

Forex trading is like a vast jungle where you can often get lost. Customer support can show you the way out of the jungle and navigate the trading world effortlessly.

Botbro offers customer support through live chat, WhatsApp numbers, and email support. You can connect with the facilitators through

Customer Support of botbro

  • Botbro’s Social media Handles:

FacebookBotbro’s FB account 

Instagram: Botbro’s instagram account 

YouTube: Botbro’s youtube channel  

Scam Source: Botbro

  • Trustpilot: Trustpilot is a broker review forum that includes customers’ experiences with the broker. As per Botbro’s review, customers have found this AI forex bot to be fishy and unreliable. Trustpilot has rated the broker 3.4 out of 5.

Trustpilot review of botbro

  • Quora: Various customers have shared their experience with Botbro, and few claim it to be financially incompetent and a scam.

quora review for botbro

Scam Advisor

The trust score at Scam Advisor is 47/100. We agree with the Scam Advisor Score.

Botbro scam advisor score

Is Botbro Better Than ForexVPS Bot

ForexVPS is a forex broker bot that is considered to be one of the best AI trading bots. Let’s see how it is compared to Botbro

Also check out our latest review of Metherworld and it’s mcoin.

Botbro ForexVPS
Leverage Not specified Not Specific
Spread Not specified Not Specific
Fees and Commission Minimum deposit:

Standard – $100

Classic – $500

Premium – $2000+

$25 per month
Regulation N/A N/A
Broker Type AI Forex bot CFD
Account Type It offers three types of accounts: Standard, Classic and Premium account Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP Accounts
Trading Platform MT5 MT4 and MT5
Trading Assets Forex Forex assets,
Customer Support 24/5 customer support 24/7 customer support
Review The reviews and rating of this broker is a mixed bag. Customer reviews claim issues with legitimacy ForexVPS is known to have great algorithm and ultra low latency.


Choosing a broker is like picking a ship for your sailing journey. Despite Botbro’s appealing promises, its absence of regulation is a matter of concern.

For a secure and smooth trading journey its best that you opt for a regulated forex broker. ForexVPS is a more reliable broker with good latency and speed. So, I would advice you to avoid unregulated broker and choose wisely.


Does Botbro Have Bonuses?

Yes, You can access Botbro bonuses in the form of monthly returns. The returns will be based on your trading account type.

What Features Does Botbro Offer?

Botbro uses the MT5 platform, providing various tools and indicators for market analysis. You can enjoy fast order execution and customer support.

What is Qfx Botbro?

Qfx Botbro or Botbro is an AI-based forex trading bot. You can gain a 5% to 15% monthly return by trading with qfx Botbro. Use the Botbro referral code ROBO688006.

Is Qfx Botbro legit?

The legitimacy of Botbro could be better. It operates without proper regulation, raising concerns about your investments’ safety.

Botbro’s regulatory status is unclear and it has bad customer reviews. So its best that you don’t use this broker as it’s not safe.

Botbro does not provide a demo account but it offers other trading accounts including standard, classic and premium account types. 

Botbro does offer a mobile app, you can download the app, log in with your credentials and trade as per your convenience from your phone.

It allows automated trading, which makes your job easier. Moreover, Botbro offers a highly advanced MT5 platform and various market analysis tools to improve your trading 

Yes, Botbro might be expensive as the minimum deposit starts from $100 and goes up to $2000. But if you wish to trade with Botbro, consider it the price of entry into the trading world.

Botbro can be considered a scam. That’s  because it has no regulation and negative reviews. It’s best for you to opt for a regulated broker for trading.

Botbro operates as an AI-based trading bot. The best part about trading bots is automated trading. It enhances your trading performance and removes the stress of decision-making. 


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