Moscow Exchange’s Fx Market Soars 20.4% Last Month: Report

Moscow Exchange's Fx Market Soars 20.4% Last Month Report

Moscow Exchange’s Fx Market Soars 20.4% Last Month: Report

The Moscow Exchange (MOEX), a prominent Russian exchange group’s forex market trading volume, has seen tremendous growth of 20.4% to RUB 20.9 trillion in August. In July, the market’s total trading volume was down from recovery, dropping 3% to RUB 17.3 trillion.

In June 2022, MOEX’s forex demands had recovered from RUB 16.1 trillion in May to RUB 17.8 trillion. MOEX’s trading volume figures for August month also disclosed that forex spot trading volume increased 1.9% to RUB 8.4 trillion.

Additionally, the volume of swap trades and forwards increased by 37.2% to RUB 12.5 trillion. Overall, MOEX saw a 7.3% increase in total trading volume across all markets in August 2022, reaching RUB 81.2 trillion. In July, the overall markets generated RUB 75.7 trillion in trading volumes.

In its financial report, MOEX stated, “The bond market (up 35.9%) were the top risers in trading volumes followed by precious metals market (up 21.3%), the Forex market (up 20.4%), the stock market (up 15.5%) and money market (up 5.5%).”

According to MOEX, the equities and stock market’s total trading volume in August increased by 25.4% to reach RUB 1,872.1 billion from RUB 1,492.7 billion in July. The exchange stated that 57 new bonds were issued last month, generating a combined value of RUB 1,183.9 billion, with overnight bonds that account for RUB 700.1 billion.

The Moscow Exchange reported 44 new bond issues worth RUB 506.3 billion last month. The trading volume in shares, depositary receipts, and investment funds increased by 15.5% to RUB 887 billion from RUB 767.7 billion in July, according to information provided by MOEX.

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