Litecoin Jumps 12% Following Bullish Trade

Litecoin Jumps 12% Following Bullish Trade

Litecoin Jumps 12% Following Bullish Trade

The increase increased Litecoin’s market capitalization to 0.39 percent of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization.

The value of Litecoin has increased by 9.19 percent. In the twenty-four hours leading up to the time of writing, the volume of Litecoin traded was 0.95 percent of the total volume of all cryptocurrencies. Litecoin has lost 82.70 percent of its value since its all-time high of $420.

To improve security, AuroraFS adds Authorized Access Control (AAC).

In the decentralized content market, the AAC is a newcomer. The feature can assist the decentralized content streaming sector in scaling while maintaining security.

AuroraFS, a peer-to-peer cloud storage and distribution network, has announced the realization of a feature that has been in the works since the network’s creation.

The new functionality distinguishes the AuroraFS commercial-grade decentralized media preservation and broadcasting system from other non-commercial projects and networks that aren’t entirely decentralized. In the decentralized content market, this extra degree of protection is a first.

AAC is a method that requires each node in the AuroraFS decentralized content network that requests data to have a distinct string of data that functions as a key whenever accessing stored material on the network.

The AuroraFS token airdrops should happen within weeks of the campaigns and contests ending. Web3Tube is also planned to be deployed at full capacity soon, along with upgrades to the program. 

Seth Green, an American actor, and comedian was the latest target of a malicious scam, with the hackers stealing four NFTs worth over $300,000. The stolen items belonged to the prestigious Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Green was able to track down one of the buyers on Twitter, who defines himself as a street photographer.

There have been numerous phishing schemes in the NFT arena. Unsuspecting victims are generally lured to booby-trapped websites where critical information about their crypto wallets is taken.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CMWAY) has placed its plans for a second crypto trading pilot programme on hold indefinitely, cutting off access to anyone who participated in the first round of testing.

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