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Finances are managed by applying brains and not by keeping a financial advisor or renting a service that takes care of capitals and does wealth management. 


  • What is Trading psychology
  • Essential elements for psychology trading
  • Introduction to trading psychology


  • Trading Psychology
  • Top trading tools
  • Types of emotions in trading
  • Common Trading Mistakes

Finances are managed by applying brains and not by keeping a financial advisor or renting a service that takes care of capitals and does wealth management. 


In the financial market, several minds come together to make profitable results for a trader. There is an advisor, analysts, trade pundit and a broker. Their brainstorming yields some high benefits. They help a trader to keep a positive mindset and invest when the market favours their concern. It is a skilful job for it requires the ability, talent and scope to analyse the fundamentals of an instrument and asset before investing. 


One also needs to determine the direction of the trend or swing of the market. But before exercising all the steps, a person should be emotionally strong and not let it work on nerves when the market surges or plunges. It is imperative to make a wise decision, remain disciplined irrespective of the market’s motion. And an investor should think swiftly to avert risks. These are some components attributed to trading psychology. 


It may so happen that a trader has to snap out and snap-in on a market based on the movement and profitability factor. For accomplishing these goals, one needs a balanced mindset and the ability to adhere to the existing plans. It is the sentiment of people that drives the market in either direction. Psychology is a tool that, if used wisely, can turn the market on its head. 


A successful investor is the one who controls his/her nerves and lets the tough and smooth phase run with ease. Human emotions are generally at odds with the fundamentals of an instrument. Thus, minding that while buying and selling is vital. 

Essential Elements for psychology trading are

  • Creating rules:- During the mounting psychological problem, a trader needs to develop a set of rules and follow them religiously. Some guidelines must be chalked out depending on risk-reward criteria. 
  • Adopting flexibility:-  Psychologically, one should adopt flexibility in the market and relax when the market goes volatile. Zen-like attitude when numbers of instruments rise and fall, and when a feeling of profit and loss seeps in, helps in keeping the mind focused on positives while being considerate. 
  • No greed:  It is a human tendency to get driven away by greed. This sentiment must be backed by brainstorming and patience. Investors must wait for the market to turn their balance and see how it behaves before initiating a step. 
  • Keep no regrets: There are no short-term successes in the financial market. So, never get depressed or subscribe to a short-term view of the market that can offer losses in return. Before settling things up, it is essential to monitor the market and have no regrets about good buys. The market takes a nosedive before jumping again back to power. Keep the mindset positive.

The financial market is all about hopes, expectations, nerves, palpitation, thoughts, jitters, mood swings, stability and visions that are connected to the activity of the brain and our psyche. The following chapters hop upon psychological terminologies, aspects, difficulties and ascribing the methodologies to control them for inviting profits.

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