Technical Analysis

An investment in any domain or field of the world risks losses without applying thoughts, planning, and analysis. Financial markets are not untouched by this fact. 


  • What is technical analysis
  • fundamentals of technical analysis
  • Benefits of technical analysis


  • Technical analysis
  • Trends and Channels
  • Types of bands
  • Moving Averages
  • Technical Analysis Books

Course Outline: Technical Analysis

An investment in any domain or field of the world risks losses without applying thoughts, planning and analysis. Financial markets are not untouched by this fact. 

Analysing a field of finance gives enough idea about the working of different assets, their strengths, weaknesses and right moments for investments. Some tools help in setting up strategies that tell traders when, how and where to invest. 

Technical analysis may require the assistance of charts, indicators and other technological brilliance. It is useful in identifying trading opportunities by getting hold of trends in the market. 

The analysis evaluates the types of funds needed versus the return of investment on an instrument and asset. It requires the gathering of data and their analytical study that offers clarity on the movement of the price and volumes of trades.

The statistical analysis of records from the previous and current data helps secure gains in the market, and investors can bargain for more. The following course talks about the depth of technical analysis in as many as nine chapters, including a conclusion. 

It is applicable on any historical data like commodities, futures, forex, stocks and others. Technical analysis helps in probing and scrutinising the impact of supply and demand on the motion of prices concerning different financial instruments. 

The course will take the following route to infuse the detail of technical analysis:- 

  • The chapters will talk about the concept, pros, and cons, necessity, and fundamentals of technical analysis. It will shed away the confusion and instill the belief that knowledge is power. 
  • It will explain how essential charts and indicators are while trading. Besides, it will glance over the types of crucial charts that are needed to achieve an aim. 
  • The lessons explain the necessity of trends and channels and their focus on deliberations for achieving profitable outcomes. 
  • Bands like Bollinger and Keltner are vital parts of technical analysis. There’s a lesson that takes a voyage to the roots of myriad bands. It tells about their effect on analysing the market. 
  • There is an entire chapter on candlestick charts and their usage in technical analysis. 
  • Moving averages and its types have been discussed. 
  • One can find the recommendation of the best books on technical analysis that may come in handy in understanding the concept. 
  • People can know about types of tools and ways to use them for analysing the market, assets and assessing or guessing their movement before making a hefty investment. 

Traders should know that technical analysis is a standard pathway that leads to minimising risks and bludgeoning negative impacts that may arise when the market makes volatile movements. Chapters are laced with illustrations and decipher everything to the ease of a subscriber, especially beginners. 

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