Forex Trading Guide 101

Forex also known for Foreign exchange which is the largest financial markets globally. There are millions of people who have benefitted through trading forex.


  • Introduction of Forex
  • History of Forex Market & Currency
  • Forex Trading Terminology
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Steps To Open Trading Account


  • Forex Trading
  • Basic & Advanced Knowledge
  • Analyse Foreign Currency

Forex Currency Course: Summary

The principal use of a currency is to buy and sell different products ranging from daily household items to essential materials and seldom used things.

On the whole, the currency is a standard agreement or exercise prevalent worldwide with the valuation inscribed on it for trades and transactions. The fundamental and concept of economies are dependent mainly on engaging in currencies (paper or coin).

However, with the digitalisation, the meaning of currency is changing rapidly. Digital payments of bills, a swipe of credit card and transfer of money through e-wallets are changing the dynamics of transactions, but once a person tries to encash that money from a bank, it is available in the form of cash.

Foreign currency exchange

Foreign exchange or forex is the largest financial markets globally, which goes past $ 5.1 trillion of transaction daily. Going by the vast numbers, it makes for a bright prospect for investors and traders worldwide to add some wealth in their account. The volumes are voluminous here, and so are the opportunities.

There are millions of people who have benefitted through trading forex. But it needs the backing of proper knowledge, pieces of advice from experts, patience and an eye for observing the market.

However, the information for trading in forex markets do not dawn from anywhere. A trader has to yearn it from several sources. One such is our course. Here, a beginner would be introduced with vital tips and ideas for the traders, like:-

  • Forex market and its history
  • Information about currency pairs through its mechanism
  • Important terminologies of forex currencies
  • Technical analysis of forex charts
  • Steps to open a Forex account
  • Trading psychology

There would be sundry topics covered under the sub-headings that would enlighten traders and unbox unheard secrets of success in the market.

Shedding lights on Benefits

The chapters ahead envelop advantages of trading forex apart from the basic need that comes to the fore. They will explain the prospects in details. Some benefits:-

  • High liquidity and volatility
  • Can benefit from highs and lows
  • Most accounts don’t charge a penny as commissions
  • High leverage
  • Biggest financial market
  • Huge chances of profitability
  • Open for 24 hours

Some finest online traders

The course will throw the light of wisdom on readers regarding the best brokers in the market that have low to zero cost on trading and deposit while trading forex currency. These a few brokerage websites have an impeccable service record in Forex trading.

  • 101investing
  • HFTrading
  • Oinvest
  • 2invest
  • T1Markets
  • GlobalTradeATF
  • ROinvesting
  • ETFinance

Explanation of Dos and Don’ts in Forex trading

The chapters roll out distinction on what to do and how to put strategies into perspective and what time. Readers will know the Dos and Don’ts of the financial market in the elaboration.

Best currency pairs

Investors will read about the best available currency pairs in the forex market and what fruits can they harvest by hatching intelligent trade at the right time. Some of them are:-

  • AUD/USD (Australian dollar/US dollar)
  • EUR/USD (Euro/US dollar)
  • USD/CHF (US dollar/Swiss franc)
  • GBP/USD (British pound/US dollar)
  • USD/JPY (US dollar/Japanese yen)

Exclusive and added mileage

The course exhibits some first-hand deliverable signals, indications and tips coming along as the reader progresses step by step engulfing in chapters. They will assist in implementing trap for-profits, and cast aside any loss, which is the ultimate goal.

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