Finance Course

Finances management is crucial to deal with the loss of capital in any household or even in trading. Learning and applying it is art.


  • What is Finance
  • History of money
  • Types of Financing
  • Introduction to corporate finance


  • Finance
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial models
  • Financial management

Finance Course Outline:

The world is operated by finance and governance. Either of the two cannot go missing or can’t afford to act dysfunctional; else it can lead the world turning into harakiri. 

Finance is a vast field that has an immense and profound influence on the activities of the globe. The phenomenon traces its roots since the development of human civilisation. 

The inception of trades and businesses could happen only due to the existence of the concept of finance. Exchange of money for goods or products for products involves financial ideals and philosophy. Understanding finances can leverage the chances of saving funds and stop unnecessary expenditures. 

The interrelation of finances with sundry subjects makes it complex for people to understand and decipher. There are separate studies for each topic and domain. They take time, but worth every second spend on them. 

The finance course has been designed to introduce novice traders to the basics of trading and how finances are imperative in channelising businesses across the globe. 

A beginner by grasping the knowledge of finances would stay away from usurping unnecessary pies and learn the importance of paying taxes and being a responsible citizen. It is through the structure of finance and planning; the vehicle of development can serve the last person standing in a line. 

The chapters lined up in the course highlights the approach of expenditures, earning, investment and savings at the same time. The lessons seek to deliver answers that are typically raised by youngsters to people of the intermediate age groups regarding finance and the idea of procuring more of it. 

Readers can find techniques for selecting correct finances and funds in the financial markets. Also, they can learn how essential ethics are in finance.  

The lessons try to satisfy students with appropriate illustrations and offer an insight into the real world of finance. It explains the necessity of capital and capitalist economy to those who averse to it and oppose the formulation mindlessly. After going through the following topics, a trader will observe some scintillating changes in terms of utilising finances in every walk of life. 

Here are the following subjects that would be covered in chapters:- 

  • Meaning and requirement of finances.
  • Overview and Types of financial services existing in society.
  • Knowing about the history of money and how transactions in finances started
  • Deciphering the financial modelling and its different structures.
  • The chapters will zero in on the advantages of corporate finances and how do they work.
  • It will focus on financial accounting and its purpose.
  • The lessons will teach readers about building financial models and benefitting from them through executing during requirement. 
  • It highlights risk factors with finances.
  • Financial management and its scope in the modern-day world. 

Finances can be moulded for various objectives and needs by people, but how to micro-manage them is a crucial point that everyone should learn because every penny saved is akin to an earning. The course would enlighten with several such hard-hitting realities and ideas to readers. 

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