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InvestLite Review

InvestLite review
InvestLite review

InvestLite Review

71% of retail investor accounts lose money, …

InvestLite review


Rated 4.2 out of 5


InvestLite’s foremost essence is beaming -new trading routes and opportunities are therefore opening up. Whether newcomer or seasoned veteran, InvestLite is set to meet your anticipations and be the trading guide that offers you the fundamental toolkit to trade. Innovative technologies, assets by the hundreds, and distinctive service. With InvestLite, you may get to partake in the style of trading you are searching for. 

InvestLite proffers online investment services that deliver each and every trader an opportunity to move the market in his favor. Make your unique trading history, set up trading targets, and feel free to do your maximum shoulder to shoulder with InvestLite. 

InvestLite strives to be an innovator and leader in trading competencies. While the market situation is always constantly changing, InvestLite does its best to be the torchbearer bringing you the dawn of knowledge. The broker is especially proud of its education center with learning packages, eBooks, and tutorials, all in the bid to expand your horizons.

Is InvestLite a scam or not? 

InvestLite takes pride in tech solutions distributing dependable, freedom-enhancing, and transparent financial transactions while trading. Driven by powerful software and hardware the InvestLite platform delivers top-class security. 

  • Strict firewalls and secure sockets layer(SSL);
  •  Trading servers situated in SAS 70 verified data centers;
  •  Communication data servers and encrypted transactions.
  • A+OZ Most transparent broke 2020;
  • Forex Awards Best Crypto Broker Asia ; 
  • World Forex Awarded Most Transparent Broker 2020. 

These are all awards won by the broker. More is predicted. 

The broker also manages a growing partnership program : 

  • Advanced payment system; 
  • Exact analytics to track the success of campaigns; 
  • Beneficial conversion rate; 
  • Online enrolment and attractive commission plans. 

The parent company that handles InvestLite is Bayline Global World Limited, a company with registration number SC517838, with a registered office address at 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 

The forenamed parent company is incorporated under Belizean laws bearing registration number 1363744, registered address at 5 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize regulated by the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). The company carries license number 000188 /250. 

The other parent company, Bayline Trading Ltd, has payments processed by Bayline Global World Ltd. 

Full legal information is presented on the broker website under the following headings

  • Safety of funds;
  • Terms and conditions;
  • Withdrawal and refund policy; 
  • Risk disclosure;
  • Complaint handling procedure; 
  • A complaint form, and so forth.

In the safety of funds document, the broker notes that client funds are segregated from company funds and are watched each day.

Our recommendation: Trading at InvestLite Review

  • IFSC regulates and authorizes InvestLite
  • The minimum deposit is USD 250
  • Get free VPS and news alert 
  • Islamic Account also available to Muslims
  • Receive 30 technical indicators
InvestLite review

Advantages and disadvantages of InvestLite Review

  • 24/7 steadfast support; 
  • Broad range of assets; 
  • Vast training options;
  •  Low initial deposit; 
  • User-friendly platform. 
  • Finite bonuses; 
  • Does not receive US clients;
  • Does not permit trading robots.

Trading Account Types 

InvestLite presents account levels that quicken up your trading. 

Silver account:

  • Hedging; 
  • Amount of FX leverage up to 1:200; 
  • Fifth decimal; 
  • Dedicated account manager; 
  • Swap discount; 
  • Custom-made investment news.

Gold account: 

  • Hedging; 
  • The amount of FX leverage up to 1:200; 
  • Fifth decimal; 
  • Dedicated account manager; 
  • Swap account 25%; 
  • Customized investment news.

Platinum account: 

  • Hedging; 
  • Amount of FX leverage up to 1:500; 
  • Fifth decimal;
  • Dedicated account manager; 
  • Swap discount 50%; 
  • Customized investment news. 

How to open an Account with InvestLite?

On the trading accounts page of the broker website, you are urged to click the ‘open account’ button. This would begin your trading account application process. 

  • Click on the ‘get started’ tab on the broker homepage.
  • The user can then go on to a live account application page.
  • He would be requested to present personal info, additional info, and account configuration settings.
  • Users are thereafter asked for standard identity proof and proof of address documents prior to continuing.
  • After acceptance, users are shifted to the InvestLite Dashboard. 

Verification documents would comprise 

  • Passport/government-issued ID;
  •  3 D selfie; 
  • Address proof; 
  • Payment proof. 

Our recommendation: Trading at InvestLite Review

  • IFSC regulates and authorizes InvestLite
  • The minimum deposit is USD 250
  • Get free VPS and news alert 
  • Islamic Account also available to Muslims
  • Receive 30 technical indicators
InvestLite review

Trading Instruments 


Popular 30+ cryptocurrencies unrestricted thru CFDs. 2021 has been the year of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin made numerous millionaires when it poured past $60000. Bitcoin sprang out trading at $0.08. Solana rushed an amazing 12600 % this year. Cryptocurrencies stand for a full new store of value. ; 


170+ currency pairs on CFDs. If you are into scalping, you will need a broker delivering tight spreads and flexibility around the entry-exit time frame. 

If you’re into the carry trade, indicating the holding of positions over time to profit from interest rate differentials, you will have to explore the broker’s rollover pricing and swap rates. 

You have to scan what the broker offers regarding

  • Available leverage; 
  • Account types on offer; 
  • Currency pair range ; 


The choice of stocks is huge – 350+, to be precise. Roughly 35,000 joint-stock companies worldwide deliver investments in their companies. For private investors, as well as large and small investors, the stock exchange presents a variety of possibilities to advance their wealth with the aid of shares and to earn money on the stock exchange. Nonetheless, in this wealth of opportunities to find the stocks that best match into your portfolio is a slippery task ;


20 commodity assets for CFD trading. 

While commodities do well in long-term trends, on a day-to-day basis, they are overly volatile. So day trading commodity futures is definitely profitable. The leverage presented makes the question a bit complex, though. That’s where you put your risk tolerance and sound risk management strategies to the test;

Metals : 

Precious metals are available for CFD trading. 

Metals futures deliver a very high degree of leverage. You may hold a big position by merely 5-10% of the contract value as an upfront margin. The minor movement in metal prices can generate huge gains; 


InvestLite delivers you more than 20 indices to trade. 

Indices behave as yardsticks or benchmark measures for trading. For example, prominent institutional investors, individual investors, and financial advisors benchmark their investments to indices to decide if they are outperforming or underperforming the markets they invest in.

Commissions and Spreads 

The CFD broker earns money by levying traders a spread. The difference between the buying price and the selling price is the spread. You will come across three types of spread – fixed spread, floating spread, and commission fee. 

A fixed spread is constant. 

Floating spread is inconsistent and affected by volatility. 

The commission fee is a percentage of the broker’s spread;


Leverage given to professional clients can shift up to 1:500. Here, negative balance protection turns out to be sound. For retail clients across all account types, the leverage is 1:200. Again, the leverage furnished across silver and gold account types looks unbiased, with 1:2 for cryptocurrencies, 1:10 for stocks, and 1:50 for indices, commodities, and metals.

With the Platinum account, metals, indices, and commodities deliver leverage up to 1:125. 

Concerning leverage. The devil is definitely in the details. High leverage allows a trader to deal with enormous volumes. This compels them to have a less free margin to use in case of a drawdown. Higher volumes imply more pip value. That’s the motor of profit and loss. However it’s up to the trader to trace an unrealistically high volume, inviting margin calls. 

Deposit and Withdrawal 

InvestLite delivers users with the possibility to deposit money and withdraw funds. Depositing and withdrawing funds can be done by operating

  • Credit/debit cards, 
  • Bank wire transfer. 

Withdrawals and deposits may be made when the user is logged into the broker’s client portal area. 

  • Withdrawals must be submitted online. 
  • Users must give the completest information at the time of request submission. 
  • Requests are to be processed within 7 business days. These may be drawn in the name of the same account as the trading account. 
  •  Funds deposited by credit cards can be withdrawn to the amount identical to the initial deposit. 
  • Only a bank wire transfer can withdraw profits accrued. 
  • There might be a Euros 50 withdrawal fee in several instances in the event of minuscule account activity. 

Trading Platforms 

You may use Webtrader as well as the mobile app for your trading requirements. The InvestLite Webtrader trading application is 

  • Touted as “high performance”, 
  • Highly the consistent trading engine that lets you customize the trading panel, 
  • Open/close trades in just one click,
  • Use internal terminal support to assist you even as you are trading, and 
  • Keep a tab on your trading history. 

The InvestLite trading platform can be availed of being fully compatible with MT4 for Mac/PC. 

Features Of Trading Platform


Some highlights of the Webtrader are – 

  • Whole trading history of entire trades; 
  • Automatic Take Profit/Stop Loss/ Functions; 
  • Real-time Balance Level; 
  • Multilingual customer Support; 
  • Embedded Platform Support;
  • feather touch Account Switching; 
  • Live Support. 

We can consider the application’s main characteristics here – 

  • Smooth Execution – there are 4 execution modes to choose from instant execution;
  • Market Execution; 
  • Stop Orders; 
  • Pending; 
  • A trailing stop function; 
  • Uninterrupted, Seamless Operational Functionality – a pivotal feature of the application, permitting you to gain your trading objectives in the briefest possible time;
  • Heavy-duty Data Protection – data encryption and digital signature render fail-safe the security of the data exchanged between the trading platform and the client terminal; 
  • Thorough Analytics – and 30 technical indicators and 24 graphic objects are all yours to assist you in studying the market and develop your trading strategies. 

Company Details


The broker presents the ability to trade CFDs on more than 350+ tradable instruments from diverse asset classes, including Equities, Indices, Forex, Cryptocurrency, etc. Traders get the power to trade on 10000+ markets with commission-free trading and low spreads.



Bayline Trading Company has the trading name ‘InvestLite’. IFSC or International Financial Services Commission has permitted the parent company with license number 000188/250. The Belize-based regulator, therefore, regulates the broker. 

Bayline Global World Ltd( incorporated under British laws) furnishes payment services to Bayline Trading Company. The incorporated status can be ascertained by the assigned company number (SC517838). The registered address is 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, UK. 


Customer Service

Feel free to get in touch with InvestLite by phone (+442080972824; +97142783447)

Live Chat, or email – [email protected].

Our recommendation: Trading at InvestLite Review

  • IFSC regulates and authorizes InvestLite
  • The minimum deposit is USD 250
  • Get free VPS and news alert 
  • Islamic Account also available to Muslims
  • Receive 30 technical indicators
InvestLite review

Mobile App

The InvestLite mobile trading app is glorified as the provider of the fastest access trading. Just downloading the app enables you to trade on the go, placing your bids from any place, anytime. The trading game is yours, with 

  • The app’s customizable charts, 
  •  CFD trading on 350 + assets, 
  •  60 +analytical tools, 
  • Besides a giant educational hub. 

For previously experienced traders who might have gotten used to the MT4 trading app, InvestLite provides seamless compatibility. Whether trading with the in-house mobile trading app or the MT4 avatar – you have InvestLite’s advice to help you to profitability!

Educational & research support 

InvestLite furnishes an expansive spectrum of learning materials. Both newbies and advanced traders will find these resources practical. Broker’s website can help users access a video in the VoD section. There are tutorials, Courses, and eBooks with informative content on very many topics. Among these are trading strategies and MT4, just to mention a couple. 

Articles are all-out and are conveniently categorized as per asset classes, namely Cryptocurrencies, Forex, indices, commodities, and so forth. 

InvestLite proffers an Economic Calendar, as also a Report Season Calendar. Then there are daily news updates and trading signals.  

Trading signals or free Forex signals are mainly brief messages that potentially steer you in making your trading decisions. They can be on the basis of fundamental/technical analysis. Forex news trading signals present signals on the basis of news events potentially impactful to the markets. Technical analysis-based trading opportunities are pinpointed with the help of signs courtesy of Forex technical analysis signals. 

The best way to use free trading signals is by pushing these out first on a demo account. This would contain real capital from being exposed to risk (if the trading signals are not sufficient). 

InvestLite review: customer support 

The broker furnishes customer support, 4 am to 3 pm for five working days. This is made available through web form, phone, Live Chat, and email. To connect to the customer support staff, users may access the Live Chat form directly from the website.


This was an impartial InvestLite review founded on diverse factors and services. InvestLite is the best online CFD broker that shows its clients extraordinary trading experience and conditions. The broker proposes trade on more than 350+ financial products from various trading markets such as Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptos, thru three core account types. Traders can trade all these assets without any commission by paying spreads and swap charges. 

Traders access the most widespread MetaTrader4 and Web Trader trading platforms. The platforms are highly intricate and come with some notable features like charting tools, one-click trading, live price alerts, a user-friendly interface, fast trade execution, etc. Moreover, the education and research section of the broker is quite instructive; even beginners can trade and make some profits. Most seriously, the broker is highly regulated and authorized by the IFSC or International Financial Services Commission and is careful with regard to the client’s funds and data safety. 

High-Risk Investment Warning: CFDs are complicated instruments and come attached to a high risk of losing money rapidly owing to leverage. When trading CFDs with this provider,70% of retail investor accounts lose money. You should consider if you have a correct understanding of how CFDs work and if you can afford to accept the high risk of losing your money. Please read the full Risk Disclosure Statement, which offers you a more comprehensive explanation of the risks involved.

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are highly leveraged products that are best suited to very experienced traders and investors. CFDs can be highly valuable, possibly furnishing an opportunity to make a lot of money swiftly. However, you can also sustain losses just as easily if you’re not experienced.

Investlite is extremely safe. It is regulated by IFSC, and is accountable to pertinent Belizean law . 

Investlite charges no commission , and not any hidden fees. 

The customer support staff is eager to help and will have an account manager directly offer you immediate guidance as regards the setting up of an account. 

There are 350+ tradable assets spread across six asset classes. These cover all the important assets, so that CFD trading on trending cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, indices (and so forth) with Investlite makes success a surefire thing.

$250 are enough to set you on the road to an excellent trading experience with Investlite. 


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